Flavours of Malaysia Food Festival (5 – 21 October)

Noodlies, Sydney food blog is hugely supportive of the Grace Hotel, Sydney and their regular ‘food festivals’ showcasing great food from around the world, past successes include Flavours of Hawaiian and Flavours of the Philippines food festivals.  This is the third year of the Flavours of Malaysia food festival.  As with most of these things, you may be able to find better executions of individual dishes elsewhere, the benefit of events like these is that you can try a whole amazing range of dishes all in the one place and in a friendly environment for newbies to ask questions.

The of noodlies video above gives you an idea of the range of deliciousness to expect.

And what Malaysian food event would be complete without the charcoal smoked flavours of satay my plate gleams with chicken and beef satay sticks which beg to be dipped in satay sauce.  Make sure you grab cucumber and onion pieces to cut the flavour to help you eat even more.

flavours of malaysia satay sticks

Rich, deep flavours and colour that yield punchy flavours – that’s what i love about Malaysian food.

flavours of malaysia the grace hotel sydney

Where Malaysian savoury dishes are dark, their kueh desserts are almost unnaturally bright, clashing colours, it’s one of the richest, more-ish and addictive in the world.

malaysian desserts kueh lapis

What I really liked about Flavours of Malaysia is the many opportunities for DYI, why not mix your own rojak (ask the staff to help if you’re not sure) or as I did below, customised a unique noodlies ice kachang.

ice kachang

For a unique, interactive good time with Malaysian food, give Flavours of Malaysia a go. But hurry, the flavours end on 21 October.

The Grace Hotel Sydney, together with The Federal Hotel Kuala Lumpur, in association with Tourism Malaysia and Malaysia Airlines presents the Flavours of Malaysia Food Festival from 5 October to 21 October 2012.

Flavours of Malaysia Food Festival (5 – 21 October) at The Grace Hotel
Grace Brasserie
Level 2, 77 York St, Sydney
Bookings: 02 9272 6670

Noodlies, Sydney food blog and friend experienced Flavours of Malaysia as a guest of the Grace Hotel, Sydney.