Episode two of My Sri Lanka with Peter Kuruvita takes us north east from Colombo to central Sri Lanka and to the stunning Sigiriya, an ancient palace built on top of a rock. The vista is stunning.  And true to Peter’s raw and real form, he cooks King’s chicken curry in shorts, barefoot while a dog hovers around.  The special ingredient here is sandalwood, yes the stuff you’ve worn as perfume or body lotion.  Here, Peter throws a small cutting into the curry.

The colour for episode two is green, from the luscious leaves of the central jungle to the dark green river and the pandan leaves Peter uses in the curry.

my sri lanka with peter kuruvita sbs

This episode goes even greener as he visits a farm that is off the beaten track.  It’s on the edge of the jungle and only accessible by boat.  The farmers don’t have cars, electricity or tvs.  They live in treetop houses to keep guard against elephants and monkeys attacking their crops.  Against this lush green backdrop, Peter goes fishing with the locals and uses a freshly caught black fish to cook ambul thial (also spelt thiyal), a sour fish curry.  The sheer number of ingredients gives you a sense of the rich texture and flavours in Sri Lankan cooking.

While still raw, you get a sense that Peter is getting used to the camera.  He’s more comfortable allowing more of his personality to come through, making this series even more engaging.

Sri Lanka is probably less of a tourist destination than Australia’s current favourite, Vietnam so you’re likely to find much in this show that is exotic, enchanting and ultimately enthralling.

Episode two airs this coming Thursday, 10th October 2011, 7.30pm.

My Sri Lanka with Peter Kuruvita
SBS One, Thursdays 7.30pm

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