I’m fascinated by the variety of side dishes that come with Korean food, the most popular form is cabbage kim chi, but apparently there are over 200 varieties.  I had the chance to try quite a few of them today at Red Marble House.

kim chi

Two particular types of kim chi intrigues me; the sesame leaves (bottom left) which was sour and tart and well, flat, as well as water kim chi.

water kim chi

Water kim chi is unique because the radish and cucumber literally float in a sour soup.  I’m told this is the winter version, great earthen vats are buried in the ground fermenting the kim chi.


Another stunning sides is the dish above, wafer thin pickled sliced of radish in vibrant hanbok-ish colour.  Delicate and simple.


Prawns on a soft layer of fluffy potato mash, strong seafood flavours vs soft fluffy mash, great contrast.

Never mind the mains.. give the sides anyday!