Media Release

Monday 27 June, 2011 – Pacific Magazines and SBS today announced the title of their new monthly, newsstand food magazine, Feast, with Pacific Magazines‟ Alix Clark appointed as editor.
The magazine, set to launch in Spring 2011, will combine SBS‟s food programming expertise with Pacific Magazines‟ publishing experience, and will focus on not only incredible recipes from myriad cultures but also the stories, history and tradition behind the food.
The masthead was chosen for its ability to conjure visions of plentiful food, good company and an air of celebration. Implying an appetite for life and an attitude of enjoyment, Feast‟s tagline is „Experiencing life through food‟ – letting readers know that this is more than a magazine full of recipes. The magazine gives readers the opportunity to feast on a world of authentic experiences – encompassing not only food, but also travel, culture and personal stories.
“We chose the masthead for its ability to speak to the reader and entice them to pick the magazine off the shelf and dive into its pages,” Georgina Brujic, Publisher, Feast said.
“The market response to the announcement of the launch of this magazine has cemented the unique proposition of the title, and we‟re thrilled to embark on this incredible journey in partnership with SBS,” Brujic added.
SBS National Manager, Consumer Publishing and Brand Extensions, Sharon Ramsay-Luck said: “By its definition a feast is an event that is cross cultural and not limited by nationality, ethnicity or geography. Celebrating food is a strong tradition that bonds in any culture, including the more than 250 cultures we have in Australia.
“SBS has a strong association with food through programs such as Food Safari, Luke Nguyen‟s Vietnam and Gourmet Farmer which have also become top-selling DVDs and books. We see Feast as a perfect extension of our food properties and some of our top chefs will be featured in the magazine, each celebrating and expressing their own culture through food.”
Feast editor Alix Clark joined Pacific Magazines in 2000, and has overseen the publication of the company‟s custom titles as Editorial Director for the past eight years. On being appointed editor of Feast magazine, Alix says she relishes the opportunity to create a magazine inspired by SBS‟s food programming that will carve a new niche in the food category.