Dong Ba is spreading like wildfire, there’s two branches specialising in Bun Bo Hue noodles and one in Bankstown. Now they’ve just opened a new restaurant, the third Dong Ba in Cabramatta.  This one claims to offer more general Vietnamese food.

When noodlies Sydney food blog tried it recently, we found the menu selection, well, very broad, they still have the single serve dishes like pho, com tam, mi, but added to that are mainly seafood dishes that you order for a family meal.

My bun cha goi (vermicelli noodle with spring rolls) was a decent size and the wrapper on the spring rolls more traditional, they puff instead of brown.  Everything was there, but it didn’t soar for me.

Walter’s com tam (broken rice) was much more successful, lovely marinated pork, the egg running, exactly the way I like it!

It can be challenging moving from a specialist restaurant to a generalist model and it shows, at this Dong Ba, it can be a hit and miss affair.

The latest Dong Ba is located on the busy John and Hill street corner and replaces the now defunct My Thuan restaurant.

Dong Ba Restaurant
117 John Street, Cabramatta
(02) 9727 4822