Noodlies Sydney food blog came to the World Square branch of Taste of Shanghai because a friend recommended it.  I’ve been to their Ashfield restaurant which is always busy and is remarkably authentic and good.

The handy location at World Square is a big plus and I came expecting a lot.  The food came out fast, presentation was very good – stunning for the dumpling plate below.  But for taste, we tried both types of fried dumplings and came away underwhelmed.  While they came out hot and the juice just squirts out upon first bite (I like that!), I couldn’t get the flavour I was expecting.

Similarly, the sauce of the hand made noodles Beijing style was a bit plain (maybe that’s the Beijing style), but again, I was expecting more spice and flavour.

Have you been to Taste of Shanghai, World Square?  What do you think of their food?

My favourite dish was the fried sweet buns with condensed milk. The skin was golden and inside the dough was fluffy ready to absorb the condensed milk.

Have you had the same experience, or have a different point of view? Let me know what you think.

Taste of Shanghai
Shop 907 World Square
644 George St, Sydney
(02) 9261 8832

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