This is a big call, but Wong Chi Kei noodle house serves the best egg noodle soup I’ve eaten.  Since discovering it over five years ago, Walter and I haven’t found better.  The noodles are impossibly thin, but still firm and hearty.  The soup, contains amazingly strong flavour, but not overpowering, I’m sure flavour enhancement has been used, I’ve got no problems with that.  The wontons are firm and you can taste both the meat and prawn fillings.

All this for a little over A$3.

The founder of this eatery, Wong Wun Chi learnt from famous noodle masters from Hua-Yuan province in 1940.  In 1951, Wong opened his first noodle house Canton and then moved to Macau in 1959.

Twice, he was selected to serve his handmade noodles to the Portuguese President during his official visits to Macau.  He made the noodles then using bamboo sticks.  Now in the third generation the recipe remains still faithful to Mr Wong’s original recipe.

Today, the place still looks like yesteryear with redwood abounding in the fixtures and furniture.

You have to try this place, it’s on the Senado square a few doors before the Starbucks. Noodlies food blog has not eaten better! Here’s what it looks like from outside.

Wong Chi Kei Noodle House
Senado Square, a few doors from Starbucks