We ordered a different dish at our favourite Korean restaurant in Cabramatta… fried dumplings.  They taste as they look, crispy on the outside, with mince and garlic chive filling.  It’s a generous serving, the dumplings are fairly large and you get a few of them.

The dumplings supplemented our usual order of kim chi soup (kim chi chi ke), a sour and hot soup with pork, tofu and kim chi.  It may not be to everyone’s taste because of the strong sour and chilli flavours, they strong and loud tastes vigorously compete with each other.

The omelette was delicious tonight, not too thick, but still substantial, this version had minimal seafood so was milder in taste, but works particularly well with the sweet soy sauce provided.

Finally, stir fried marinated chicken.  It might look and taste mild at first, but there’s a touch of chilli that creeps up on you, especially after a few mouthfuls.  A tad oily, but for me this means extra flavour.  Crunchy fried cabbage provides a refreshing change.

Dai Jang Gum
Korean Restaurant
1/100 John Street
Cabramatta NSW
02 9728 3386

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