It’s our last night in Phnom Penh and we really wanted to eat somewhere that is as Cambodian as you can get.  Our friend Borin suggested Mother in Law’s House a restaurant near us that has both great food and live Cambodian entertainment from some of the top artists in the country.

And the music was truly wonderful, soulful, true and so beautiful.

We had a bit to drink, being our last night and I dared Walter to try the Bull’s Penis Soup.. and he did… it’s the star shape you can see in the video.

I tried the soup but didn’t dare eat the penis.  It was cooked in the traditional Chinese medicine method, so I guess the idea was to make you ‘strong’, I think you know what I mean!

Also had fried frog, which was delicious, only slightly gamey, great dish.

Delicious beef larb above, spicy and tasty.

Chicken stir fried in basil, garlic and chilli was also very home-style but delicious.  The basil well done the chicken was delicious, absorbing the garlic and basil flavours.

The Bull’s Penis cooked in Chinese medicine.

The cocktail made from local spirits that gave Walter the courage to eat Bull’s penis.