Som Tum Thai

Yum Sab has been a favourite Thai-Laos of ours for a while now.  There was a stage there when we were weekly customers.  The food was great, and service, well rather too relaxed sometimes.

But the past few times, it seems like they’re acutely short of staff, and service was slow.  Tonight they were struggling with a birthday party of 30 people – I thought we were in for a long wait.

As it turns out our som tum and pad thai came out relatively quickly.  The green mango in the som tum was crisp and fresh the sauce was nice without being too over powering.  Side Chinese cabbage nice and fresh… not a fan of the lettuce provided on the dish, me thinks it should only be Chinese cabbage.

Pad Thai

The pad thai was a little disappointing, noodles were soggy.  And the yum nua we ordered, well it never came.

I don’t think this Sydney food blog is being too harsh in saying we’ve loved this place but the relationship is a little strained right now.

Yum Sab
6 Dale St, Fairfield
(02) 9727 2444

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