By Noodlies Sydney food blog guest reviewer, KLui.

Peking Inn, Pymble has been around for a long long time. Their dishes are prepared differently from other Northern Chinese restaurant. Let me take you through.

Cha Zhi Pastry – The pastry always comes separately from the fillings. The point is to get your hands dirty – you have to split the pastry open and put in your own fillings. The challenge is to fill as much as you can without breaking the pastry case. Always my favourite dish!

Wonton chilli soup

 Wonton in Chilli Soup – In other restaurant, the wonton would come on a plate in chilli sauce. This restuarant served them in soup.

Tea-smoked duck

Tea-Smoked Duck – This is so great. The tea flavour is so strong but it matches so well with the duck! I am not sure if the “smoking” process has reduced the greasiness of the duck, but it’s just yum. They also make their own buns and sauce too.

Chrysanthemum fish

Chrysanthemum Sweet and Sour Fish with pine nuts – I love this beautiful name although it doesn’t have Chrysanthemum as an ingredient. Also asked the waitress about the name. Apparently, it’s because of the pattern from how the fillet is being slightly sliced and deep fried.

Duck Web

Exotic option – Chilli Duck Web. I like how there’s no bone in this dish.

Peking Inn
1015A Pacific Hwy, Pymble