Writing a Sydney food blog is not just about eating in a different place each night.  In fact, we go back to the favourite haunts over and over.  This is an update of an old post on this now not-so-new Korean restaurant, Dai Jang Gum (actually the only signage outside is Korean Restaurant).  Now that I have a better camera, I wanted to do the place justice.


The pancake can be a little over cooked and dry, but today it was perfect, thin but not too crispy.

As always the kim chi is free and fermented.  I don’t know if they make this here, but the quality is usually consistently good, not too tart and not too fermented.

I do like it that it’s complimentary with each meal and they’re eager to top them up.  There’s usually at least four types of different kim chi, although it’s only the cabbage and bean sprouts that I really like.

The stir fried korean chicken is always great, heavily marinated in a sweet sauce, with plenty of vegetables.. just don’t look at the oil collecting at bottom of the plate.

Seafood soup

Seafood soup was great, not too hot or mild, although it does have a very strong fish/seafood taste from oysters, dried shrimp and other seafood meats.

Dai Jang Gum
Korean Restaurant
1/100 John Street
Cabramatta NSW
02 9728 3386