By Noodlies, Sydney food blog guest reviewer, KLui.

The Sugaroom offered an 85% fine dining experience at Pyrmont with an exclusively quiet waterview. Usually a fine dining experience begins with quality breads and olive oil. This one started with one of their main courses.

Smoked rainbow trout nicoise
Smoked rainbow trout nicoise, poached egg, dill vinaigrette. An extremely light dish that’d require a soul. It needs some unique flavour to give it an extra lift.

Dukkah crusted lamb loin, baby beetroot, eschallots, pomegranate reduction

The lamb itself was perfectly cooked and infused with the rich flavour of the dukkah (the taste is overwhelming for me, but it might be great for other foodies). The beetroot and pomegranate was a perfect combination to clean the palate and break down the rich and oily texture of the lamb. This dish would go well with a glass of 06 Shiraz.

Proscuitto coated veal with red pepper cous cous

The proscuitto and the herb wrapped inside the veal was a bit overpowering, reminded me of beef sausages. It would be even better if the quality of the veal was brought out more. However, I had to say the veal was cooked perfectly. Also found the red pepper cous cous really nice after finishing the mouthful of veal. I’ll try avoid mixing the two in one mouthful.

Bittersweet chocolate pave with soft chocolate mud and crispy freeze pistachios

This dessert brought 3 different textures together – the crisp, the soft and creamy, and the crunch! Great with coffee…

Sugaroom offers a 100% ambience for fine dining. The quality of ingredients are great. Overall, not cheap but they are currently offering a “Winter Special” for $45 – 2 Courses and a glass of Yalumba wine. A good chance for people who always wanted to try fine dining… although it may not be the ideal place for frequent fine diners!

Review by noodlies guest contributor Kat.

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