This great review by KLui, our new guest reviewer/contributor… expect to see more from her!

Great place for coffee drinking and learning! The whole place made me feel like I’d travelled to the country. There are different seating arrangements for different needs. I happened to like the downstairs outside backyard – so relaxing! The place was full of different coffee equipment and tea/coffees decorations that it felt like a museum – so amazing!

Roberto Coffee

Back to the coffee. I was planning to taste the world famous “kopi luwak” (cat poo coffee which costs around $1400/kg), but it has to be pre-booked and I need to find another two friends who would be willing to spend $50 on a cup of coffee… so mission dismissed and I had Roberto Coffee (the house bean of the day) instead.  The aroma was strong but not overwhelming nor acidic which is great. It’s got a strong roasted flavour but not burnt. Easy to drink without any caramel or hazelnut flavour to dilute the sole coffee flavour. Very long (and I do mean long!) after-taste experience. The froth was smooth and silky. It’s rare to taste such big difference between a latte and flat white thesedays and Forsyth do so well in the local area. Love how the latte wasn’t just about milk!