The Nutella Coffee in its antique cup

By Noodlies, Sydney food blog guest reviewer, KLui.

Went to Bruschetteria 102 on the weekend right after finishing my 40 hour famine. You can probably tell by the name that it’s a place that specializes in Bruschetta, but Nutella Coffee is also another recommendation by the owner, Luca. The “today special” on the blackboard had already caught my eye before I even stepped into the cafe – Duck eggs with Black Truffle. What a delicacy? However, I gave it a miss coz it was only 10.30am…

Their passion was shown all over the menu: first page – hand written introduction of Bruschetta. The menu was loaded with great combination of fine ingredients. Ever tried croissant with procuitta and buffulo mozzarella? Love the fact that they bring fine ingredients into simple dishes!

To give the food a test, I’ve ordered one really simple dish and one with richer flavour – Margherita Bruschetta and Italian Sausage Bruschetta. Overall, the bruschetta based was thinly sliced and slow toasted to give it a very crusty texture! Great stuff! I can also taste some quality olive oil being used at the cafe as well…I reckong this is really important especially for any light dish.

Margherita Bruschetta – The buffalo mozzarella and the fresh tomato sauce was good combination. Not too light but not overtaken by the cheese flavour either. The Italian Sausage Bruschetta, with homemade tzatziki – OMG! I think the sauce is the champion of the dish. It’s thick but refreshing!

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