It’s been a while since we were back at this local Thai-Lao eatery.  This is about the second or third attempt at Thai-Lao at this location.  Spicy Aroma is obviously trying to up-market itself, not surprising giving the enormously successful Holy Basil which is just five minutes walk up the road.

Som Tum

We couldn’t not order som tum, which was fresh and tart, which is to my liking, it’s also sweet and a little mild, which is not to my liking.

Tom Yum with Offal

Stay away from this version of Tom Yum if you don’t like offal, but if you do, it’s a real treat, different but very addictive.

Massaman Beef Curry

Massaman is a milder form of curry, which is sweet from coconut milk, so the texture of the sauce is rich and tasty.  Particularly keen for the potato and sweet potato, but watch out, sometimes they can be a little hard from being undercooked.

Pad Thai

Fried flat rice noodles with beef, tofu, and sprinkled with nuts and dried prawns – one of my favs.  The photo above doesn’t do it justice.

Rice container