If you are into sichuan (szechuan it’s spelt a thousand ways) food, then Golden Sichuan should be on your list, especially if you’re looking for something in the CBD.  For those not familiar Sichuan is a province in south western China.

I’m guessing it must get cold because the food can be very spicy hot and the cooking involves very strong flavours.  But this is balanced with very plain and sometimes uncooked sides, especially cucumber and tofu.  The pork pancake above is a case in point, lots of oil and flavour in the pork and raw shallot to be eaten with starchy pancake and cucumber.

The plain noodles above is eaten with very spicy sauce – this is one of my favourite dishes!

The cucumber in sichuan sauce above is fantastic in the past, today the sacue was on the plain side.

While the food is good, I agree with other reviews – this place is pricey for what you get, especially compared to other, more glam restaurants nearby like Golden Century (yum!) and especially to the many food courts around Chinatown.  Oh, and you earn Qantas frequent flyer points here – still I’d prefer no points in return for better prices.

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