Anyone who has driven through Ashfield knows the wealth of food available, especially Shanghai style.  We tried Shanghai Food House today, I knew we’d like it, even got a park outside on busy Liverpool Road!

From the outside it looks like a Chinese bbq eatery, with the usual hanging duck and pork. But inside, it’s very, very different, and exciting.

There’s over 20 different type of dishes for you to choose from and it’s there right in front of your face for you to choose to eat now or take away.  They sell by the plate, half container and full container, prices range from $4.50 to $8.

Can’t complaint about the variety, Shanghai chilli shreded chicken, cucumber in soy (very tasty), hard boiled egg in soy sauce, through to glass jelly, vegetarian and tofu dishes.

The pics above gives you an idea of the bewildering choice.

And then there’s the dishes on the menu, like the fried egg noodles we ordered below.

My verdict? Delicious food, great choice, Walter and I had four dishes and a coke which came to $31, really can’t complain.

There might be better Shanghai food on the strip, and in fact there was one next door which had a long line the whole time we were eating, but I left feeling very satisfied.

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