While waiting for a talk on Angkor Wat at Theosophical Society Walter and I had coffee at Incanto, which was nearby.

The name, look and even coffee in a bowl may be Italian inspired, but the food and service were very Korean.

Walter ordered toasted pear bread, which was a little dry partially because it wasn’t freshly made and partially because there was not much butter – a major infringement in my book.

It wasn’t all gloom and doom, my flat white, while a tad on the weak side (only a tad) had good aroma and was very smooth.  Surprisingly good actually, though admittedly I’m no coffee expert.

Incanto is in Kent street on the same street as the back of the cinemas and on the Chinatown side.

If you’re around, you should try the Pho place opposite.  Not wonderful, but not bad for Sydney CBD Vietnamese.