Recently, it seems like I’m eating Bo Bay Mon every week, while that’s not true, I do admit to having it twice this week.

Two most common questions, friends have asked is: isn’t it alot to eat seven courses of beef and how can there be seven different ways to cook beef?

The answer to the first question is in the pic here: this is the first dish, extremely thin slices of beef is cooked in the vinegar broth wrapped in rice paper together with an incredible range of salad and mints (if you look carefully the salad also includes green banana!).  The wrapped roll is dipped in Vietnamese chilli sauce.  Oh, and the whole thing is interactive, you cook this yourself at the table.

The answer to the second question is that there’s probably even more than seven ways, but suffice to say, there’s boiling, frying, meat balls, congee, salad, with vermicelli…. omg, I’m feeling like it again now!

And my favourite place to have Bo Bay Mon is Phuoc Loc Tho in Canley Heights.  Enjoy!