_bun cha gio

We eat out so much that there isn’t a restaurant in Cabramatta we haven’t yet tried. So when a new one opens, there’s a fair amount of anticipation and excitement. Walter took me to a new one on the main street, but towards the station end, the quiet end of John Street and also on the quiet side of the street too. Lan Huynh is so new, I can’t find a review online anywhere and googling the restaurant nothing comes up, except people (it’s a pretty common female Viet name)

I ordered a chicken and fish dish that looked good on the menu, but in fact it was just fried rice with pieces of chicken and dried fish… a little dry and hard to swallow, but in fact, pretty traditional… something I should have known!

Walter’s order was much more successful and delicious, bun chao gio thit nuong; vermicelli rice noodles topped with sliced mint, cucumber and topped with spring rolls (using the proper viet wrapper.. notice the way it looks) and fried beef. Of course you pour the vietnamese sauce on top… truly mouth watering.

As for Lan Huynh’s success? Hard to tell, Cabra is very competitive and it’s in an odd part of the main street, it’s also small and calls itself also a coffee shop, there was only 3 other people when we were there at lunch time. On the plus, the menu is very extensive… some 40-50 dishes from memory and the food is delicious and authentic.

Good luck Lan Huynh.