A Co-Festival Director’s Sound of Music moment.

So how does one of the signature events at Tasting Australia 2014 come about? Well it’s literally back of an envelope stuff…

Tasting Australia - Simon Bryant

It’s an event that involves the two top brass of Tasting Australia; with one co-director, Paul Henry as our guide, introducing us to some of his favourite produce and taking us through some of his most loved places, while the other co-director, Simon Bryant fires up the kitchen.

But Bryant shares with noodlies, Sydney food blog the spark of inspiration for this signature event – the piece of paper that started it all…

Tasting Australia, a few of my favourite things by Paul Henry

Yup, the magic started from that scribbled note. Bryant says the cursive writing is Henry’s abstract brief; the experience should be about “taste, [unreadable], why & how to tell the story”. Produce is listed randomly “beets, curds, lentils, lamb” – you get the idea. The bold ink is Bryant’s own interpretation of the brief.

And the result? A brilliant lunch in an Adelaide lane way and fifteen very satisfied punters. Henry talks exclusively to noodlies about the five mouthwatering courses in the video above – watch it, Henry is fascinating and the food is umm… totally to die for.

The descriptions of the dishes below are literally from another note Bryant showed me… word for word…

cockles and chorizo

Coorong wild MSC certified cokles, Sassie’s free pig chorizio, bone dry Sepeltsfield Fino, sourdough and woodside cultured butter (above).


Over roasted baby beets, Hindmarsh Valley Caprino Fresco curds, nettles and Willa’s vinacotto.

lentils carrots celery hearts celeriac

KI dirty lentils, Rachael’s Wilunga carrots and celery hearts Romanesc.

melty huttonvale lamb shoulder

Melty cooked too long Huttonvale lamb shoulder, salt baked celeriac with giant mustard leaf with Coriole five year vinegar.

woodside dancing cow vine wrapped raw milk

Woodside dancing cow… vine wrapped raw milk cheese, aged an funky with fresh fruit.

clever little tailor adelaide

And before lunch, Henry took us to see Crispian Fielke at the cheeky Clever Little Tailor, our venue for fresh tomato bloody mary (with garlic, sardines and jalapeno).

clever little tailor crispian fielke

For me, the pleasant surprise is Fielke’s take on vermouth, in particular wet vermouth can make a killer aperitif! Noodlies is convinced, in particular the Causes & Cure semi dry vermouth. Watch the video for Henry and Fielke’s fascinating explanation. And read on for Fielke’s wet vermouth aperitif recipe.

Crispian Fielke’s Wet Vermouth Aperitif Recipe (see video)

30ml Causes & Cure semi dry vermouth
Bay leaf
Ice cubes – large

Pour vermouth into a large wine glass
Add three cubes of ice
Add one bay leaf, torn
Mix and serve immediately

Noodlies, Sydney food blog’s delicious Tasting Australia experience was courtesy of South Australian Tourism Commission.