Justine Scholfield’s Rice pudding with pineapple compote

Last weekend noodlies, Sydney food blog had a wonderful opportunity relax on a three day cruise with the Carnival Spirit.  I had the chance to watch the engaging Justine Scholfield, former MasterChef contestant and host of Everyday Gourmet (Channel 10), cook a couple of her favourite recipes. Here’s one for dessert…


Rice pudding with pineapple compote

Serves: 6 persons
Time: 40 minutes + refrigeration

700ml milk
400ml coconut milk
150g Arborio rice
70g sugar
1 pineapple
60g brown sugar
1 tablespoon freshly grated ginger

For the pineapple compote, peel and remove any woody knobs from the pineapple and dice it in small pieces. Place in a saucepan with the brown sugar and the ginger and tablespoon of water. Bring it to a boil then cook over low heat for 30 minutes or until gold and tender.
Place rice in a saucepan and cover generously with water. Bring to the boil and cook for 3 minutes. Drain.
In another saucepan bring the milk to boil then reduce the heat and add the drained rice and half of the coconut milk.
Cook on a low heat for 20 minutes and stir as often as possible to avoid burning.
Add the sugar and the remaining coconut milk and cook for a further 5 minutes stirring regularly.
Divide half of the pineapple compote into 6 glasses, cups or ramequins, and then spoon in the rice pudding. Refrigerate until cool. Just before serving add the remaining compote.

How did you go?
If you do try Justine’s recipe, I’d love you to leave a comment and let me know how it went.

And if you want to see more of Justine, Season 4 of Everyday Gourmet returns Easter weekend on Channel 10 at 4pm.

This tasty noodlies, Sydney food blog experience was thanks to the lovely folks at Carnival Spirit.