Following the froyo dream

Noodlies, Sydney food blog checks out Mooberry

They’re young, in love and they’ve given up their corporate jobs to run a froyo joint in cosmopolitan Newtown. As the story goes, Janine loooves desserts, especially froyo and John X indulges her by driving his sweetheart all around town to get her regular fix.

And then one day, they decided to open one of their own, six months ago, Mooberry was born. They make a cute couple – hear Janine and John talk about Mooberry in the noodlies featured video above.

mooberry interior

The fun starts with the cute Mooberry signage outside and continues inside with astro turf and candy stripped feature walls and treble-rich dance music.  The crowd, in couples or groups is young and giggly. It’s an infectiously fun space, full credit to Janine and John who designed it.

mooberry froyo

The menu is what you’d expect from a froyo space, frozen yogurt with a bewildering combo of toppings, fruit, jelly, pearls, smarties and even mini macarons.

mooberry froyo toppings

Mooberry is an independent froyo eatery and have the advantage of being agile, unlike the froyo chains, they can introduce new items quickly. For winter, there’s a selection of winter warmers.

mooberry chocolate waffles

The Belgian waffles are dangerously addictive, soft and warm, drizzled with Belgian chocolate and a choice of toppings – go the banana and strawberry it’s a nice combo of freshness that works well with sweet waffles. This dish also includes a serving of coconut froyo – a special, smooth and creamy Mooberry flavour that’s available all year round.

mooberry churros

Or try the churros with oozy melted Belgian chocolate, the churros are freshly baked, not fried, and are extra absorbent when dipped but isn’t oily.

noodlies affagato

If you’re after a quick, warming shot, try the Mooberry froyo affagato – that special coconut froyo with an espresso shot.

The bubbly and bright-eyed Janine and John and their labour of love, Mooberry, is refreshingly different in the same ol’, same ol’ froyo world. Noodlies leaves with a little smile and a lot of fondness for Mooberry.

160 King St, Newtown
(02) 9557 4208

Noodlies, Sydney food blog and guest experienced Mooberry as guests of Janine and John X. Some images courtesy of Mooberry.