Campsie Food Festival 2012

Noodlies, Sydney food blog round-up

Campsie Food Festival grilled chicken and Ddeok Bok Ee (korean rice tubes)

Grilled chicken and ddeok bok ee (rice tubes)

Originally the Campsie Korean Food Festival, now it’s even bigger, re-branded recently as the Campsie Food Festival.  And it’s been a tremendous success, promoting diverse food, and through food, diverse cultures.  This year, despite the rain, the crowds flocked to the festival.  Noodlies, Sydney food blog is a big fan.

Campsie Food Festival fried dumplings

Dumpling deliciousness

Turkish gozleme campsie food festival

Long queues for Turkish gozleme

There were over 60 food stalls featuring food from so many different cultures, Korean, Chinese, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Turkish and even Christmas Island.  See the featured noodlies video above for some of the colour and excitement of today.

thang ngo noodlies food blog

Thang Ngo from noodlies works the crowd at Campsie Food Festival

Noodlies was MC and judge of the eating competition, including kim chi and yum cha eating competitions at the Kitchen Stage.  It was a hoot! See all the hilarity in the noodlies video above.

The Kitchen Stage attracted the crowd with many cooking demonstrations including Heather Jeong and Charlie Yan.  You’ll see Charlie wooing the crowd in his cooking demonstration above.

Another year, and despite the rain, another success for the Campsie Food Festival.  It’s a gem on the Sydney cultural calendar and noodlies, Sydney food blog is proud to be a media partner of this delicious cultural food event.