noodlies australia's best food blogs

I was soooo surprised to find noodlies was one of five food blogs mentioned as one of 2011 Australia’s Best Food Blogs on Amazing!  Here’s what it says:

The best thing about Noodlies, apart from the cute header, video blogs, blog design and words from someone who writes for Feast magazine, is that it consistently uncovers the best secret Vietnamese, Cambodian, Korean, Sri Lankan and other Asian-food in Sydney. Blogger Thang has promised this writer a private excursion to Canley Vale to find the best Vietnamese (lucky us!), but frankly we could just search his extensive site too. This is the must-read blog for people who don’t get out enough. With Thang leading the way in Cabramatta, Bankstown and other not-so-inner-city destinations, we can’t wait to take more adventurous and better-informed tours of Asian Sydney.

Other blogs mentioned Grab Your Fork , What Katie Ate, Lemonpi, Abstract Gourmet – congrats!

Read the article in full.  And many, many kisses to the wonderful Kate Gibbs.