By Noodlies Sydney food blog guest reviewer, KLui


My friends took me to this authentic Polish restaurant in Glebe. This place definitely got the buzz.


Polish beer at Polish restaurant. Makes so much sense… the cocktail behind the beer was infused with cinnamon flavour – not my favourite though.


Deep fried crumbed Camembert cheese. See how runny the cheese is! It’s so hard to share but it’s harder not to share.


Mixed meat casserole – there was quite a variety of ingredients in there but all I remember is potato, sausage and some smoked items.


Followed with cabbage roll with pork mince fillings, it tastes similar to the casserole above. May be my palette were playing up with all the starchiness, I don’t know.


The wild mushroom dumpling is my favourite of the night. The taste of the mushroom is quite strong but it was great with the crispy pastry.


Grilled fish with rice dumpling.


Cranberry salad is essential for this heavy meal. It made me feel so much better.

By Noodlies Sydney food blog guest reviewer, KLui.

Na Zdrowie Polish Restaurant

161 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe
(02) 9660 1242

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