A few seconds from our hotel in Phnom Penh is Fortune Pho a small eatery that is contained in the front outside courtyard of a house.  Herbert its owner is a German with a design background which shows in the minimal but stylish and functional interior.  He took the place over a few years ago, the cook used to be Vietnamese, now it’s a Cambodian.  Would I like pho cooked by a non-Vietnamese?

Well actually, yes, very much.

The soup is really very good, nice balance of fish sauce and five spices.  The pho noodles fresh and perfectly cooked.  You get great variety of sides, including chilli, basil, extra onion, sore tooth mint (ngo gai) and bean sprouts.  It’s the bean sprouts that gets me, someone has plucked the head and tail from every single spout… just like my mum used to do.

Highly recommended.

Fortune Pho
Street 178, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Ph: (017) 866 672