The sign proudly says that Pepper Lunch is from Japan, this is a novel fast food chain that serves food on very, very hot iron plates.  Like other fast food places you order from the menu, although it’s a lot more extensive here.  But unlike the KFC and Macca’s they bring it to your table.

pepper lunch wagyu beef

I had the wagyu beef (above), which arrived pretty much raw and literally cooked it myself by stirring the meat.  I couldn’t taste any marinade, but the beef did taste fresh and tender.  It came with bean sprouts, some green beans and sliced carrot and rice on the side.  It was particularly nice with the garlic soy provided at the table.

pepper lunch beef kim chi

Walter had the kim chi beef, which was very presentable, with the rice in the middle of the hot plate and kim chi and sauce on top, the beef on the side and needed to be stirred to cook.

While obviously not as fast as other fast food places, we still got our order within a few minutes and they delivered it to our table.  I reckon Pepper Lunch makes a nice difference, although it is pricier than other fast food places, the dishes were between $12 – $15 each.

Pepper Lunch is next to the Sydney Cinema strip on George street and towards World Square.

Pepper Lunch
537 George St, Sydney
(02) 9264 3555

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