We love korean food and eat it at least once a week, or in the case of this week, three times! Love the complimentary kim chi which comes with every meal; and it’s usually four if not five different types. The lovely cabbage which is universally called kim chi (above), I also love the endive and also bean sprouts too (below).

They serve to stimulate your taste buds for mains.  Although god knows why there would be a need, this Sydney food blog reckons Korean food is already full of flavour.  The kim chi soup (below) usually does the trick of being both hearty and waking up any sleepy taste buds.

There are milder, though very sweet dishes too, like the sweet and sour pork (below).

Burwood Korea House Restaurant
175 Burwood Rd
Burwood NSW 2134
Ph: (02) 9715 5098

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