The Boulevarde in Strathfield offers an amazing range of restaurants… admittedly mostly Korean.  Today we wanted to try a different one, with mixed results.

Wooden Bowl looks good in an understated and well, very wooden way.  Even early on a Wednesday night, they filled up very quickly.

Mapa Dofu

The food seemed to be a mixture of chinese and korean fare.. in fact, I reckon a sort of fusion (I hate that word).  I wouldn’t have expected to find mapa dofu (chinese grandma’s tofu) on the menu, or steamed dumplings for that matter, although these dumplings are relatively tiny compared to the Chinese version I’m more accustomed to.


My seafood and fiery noodle soup, was actually extremely hot, true to the double chilli legend on the menu.  This was very much a korean soup.

I wasn’t really sure what to make of Wooden Bowl, it’s not really Chinese, but not wholly Korean.  To me, that’s the dilema of fusion, being neither one or the other, has its benefits as well as its drawbacks.