By Noodlies, Sydney food blog guest reviewer, KLui.
By chance I stumbled across this new, fancy restaurant before its grand opening. Cique is a great place if you want to try something different. It’s a joint venture between three enthusiasts who are each passionate about different but kinda complementary things; furniture design, food and drink…

As an Italian designer furniture showroom the environment is absolutely gorgeous. You get to sit on fantastic furniture while enjoying your meals. But note, Cique only serves canapes and desserts, not big meals.

Price-wise, it’s actually very reasonable especially if you’re inclined to try many types of food all at once. Everything is freshly made on site, even the bread for the bruschetta. Pastry fans would love this place… The variety of of baked delights and pastries was great; short crust, bread, cakes, tarts and etc… Rodg, one of the joint owners specialised in pastry when he was ‘cooking’ in Germany.

Citrus and lemongrass water

Far from just something that looks pretty on the bar, the Citrus and Lemongrass Water was great as a palate cleanser.  Strawberry Water and Lychee Water were available as other choices.

Nirvana Amour

Cinque’s cocktail menu was designed by Monique, who’s passion for her cocktails extends to how they are served.  Nirvana Amour with green pistachio fairy floss and the bright red cherry in the blue drink was just different and it’s naughtiness reminds me of  Wicked, the musical.

Chestnut Fiesta

Chestnut dessert has always been my favourite! Love the sweet nutty taste of chestnut that’s not too rich, so that’s why I love this drink so much!  While it isn’t as wicked as Nirvana Amour, I think it could equally be served as a fantastic dessert.

Above is a selection of fabulous canapes: Tuna Basket, Smoke Salmon Basket (a simple but popular dish) and the beautifully presented olive oil infused bruschetta with avocado and prawn cocktail!

More canapes: Quiche, mini pizza, mushrooms, fried indian style dumplings, Tandoori Chicken.

Dessert Platter

There was a selection of seven desserts and I was lucky enough to taste a bit of everything. They all have their own very dominating flavour. There were banana cake, ginger cake, chocolate cake, lemon tart (I love this especially after the richness of other desserts), double chocolate tart, orange cake and peanut butter cake (err.. I like this too).

Cique is due to officially open in a couple of weeks.

This review is by noodlies guest contributor KLui.