By Noodlies, Sydney food blog guest reviewer, KLui

Located near the Powerhouse Museum, this place offers what they called “Hawker Style” Malaysian food. I call it authentic and great value! No fancy decoration, no well-dressed waitress but a relax environment. You can wear thongs to this place and feel great.

Satay beef

Satay Beef: this yummy entrée dish is always a great start! Juicy and tender beef on skewers, works a treat with peanut sauce.

Nasi lamek

Nasi Lamek: the Coconut-infused rice with crunchy anchovies, peanuts, sambal sauce (my fav), creamy curry chicken and cucumber slices! How can you get more Malaysian than this?

Seafood laksa

Malaysian Seafood Laksa: the curry-based soup is once again full of strong coconut flavour. It’s richer and creamier in texture compared to other Asian soups.

Bak ku teh

Bak Ku Teh (Pork Rib Tea Soup): Love it or Hate it! Served in a clay pot, this pork rib soup is made from many types of Chinese herbs.  Cooked in many Chinese herbs this dish can be a little bitter as well.

Kopitiam Cafe
594 Harris St, Ultimo
(02) 9282 9883

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