Gorkha Palace and the Chilli Eating Comp crowd

We celebrated my brother-in-law, Daniel’s birthday at Gorkha Palace in Gladesville (they also have a sister restaurant in North Strathfield).  Little did we know, it was also their annual Chilli Eating Competition night; it’s the third year, and according to the manager it just gets bigger and bigger.

Luckily the riotous goings-on in the function room next door wasn’t too distracting, allowing our group of seven to have a pretty good time.

Butter chicken

Diners won’t find too much to complain about at Gorkha, the menu has a good variety of your favourites, like the butter chicken.  We had seven dishes and they’re all pretty safe bets, not too spicy but still had enough flavour.

Veg curry

Likewise the vegetarian curry won’t challenge you too much and was cooked nicely… the potato was a melting sensation.

My favourite was the dumplings but sadly the low lighting and my photography rendered the pics unuseable.

Mango kulfi

 Desserts seemed to be a special emphasis so we tried a couple of the kulfis, mango and pistachio.  Again, nice, competent although a little on the small side.

Pistachio kulfi

Gorkha is a safe bet, the understated but authentic decor provides a great dining backdrop.  The menu is extensive – it won’t challenge you, but diners won’t go away disappointed either.

Gorkha Palace – Gladesville
146 Victoria Road
Gladesville, NSW 2111 Australia
Phone: (02) 9817 0238

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