Spicy Chicken Noodles

There are so many dumpling places around it’s hard to spot the difference.  Chinatown Dumpling Restaurant in a great location on Swanston Street and great food too.  The frontage is narrow but the restaurant is deep with seats in every possible possie.  We were lucky enough to score a table at 7pm on a Saturday night.  Within minutes the place was full.

The spicy chicken in hand made noodles was hearty and generous.  While tasty, it didn’t go overboard on stronger spices like cumin or chilli for that matter. It was still authentic to its north-western Chinese origins.

Beef steamed dumplings

The beef steamed dumplings were a highlight too.  Dumpling casing was a little thicker and stronger than I’m used to, but for me, was perfect for a cold Melbourne evening.  So too was the beef filling, coarser, fuller and thicker mince gave this dish a much greater footprint and also very much to my taste.

The staff were young, efficient and fast. Price was very reasonable around $30 for both of us.  Highly recommended – if you can get a seat.

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