One of our very favourite haunts, and we were there two sometimes three times a week was Nhat Tan noodle house – that is, when we were living in the inner city. I think the first time I ate there would have been over 20 years ago… and it’s still there, looking pretty much the same.

Nhat Tan might have had a quick touch up 8 years ago… but there was little change even then.. and by now, time has taken its course.

However, the soup is one of the clearest and sweetest in town… and that includes even places in the Cabra area. Everything is always fresh, even the basil and bean sprouts (hint, you can tell if a place is doing well if their condiments are fresh). However, today, I thought the rice noodles were abit brittle… I prefer mine with abit more glugginess… but still the soup is VERY delicious.. it’s an Pho institution in Marricville.

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