donna hayNoodlies, Sydney food blog reckons the latest Roy Morgan readership figures makes for (continued) sober reading.  Of the food mags with over 100,000 readership, only  three recorded gains for the 12 months ending March 2012: Australian Traveller Wine (+9.4%), Donna Hay (+4.5%) and Recipes+ (+8.5%).

MasterChef Magazine (-24.2%), Delicious (-16.6%) and Woolworths Good Taste (-13.1) suffered the biggest falls.  Although, MasterChef mag has an excuse, the TV show wasn’t on air.  Feast magazine, launched in October 2011 recorded readership of 131k for the first six months.

But food mags can take some comfort, Men’s Lifestyle readership figures are just depressing: GQ (-36.5%), FHM (-29.0%) and Zoo Weekly (-17.4%).

Food Magazines with over 100,000 Readership

Apr 11 – Mar 12

% Change


Australian Good Food   289-7.4
Australian Gourmet Traveller302-5.0
Australian Traveller Wine1059.4
Delicious 483-16.6
Donna Hay3714.5
Feast (from Oct 11)
MasterChef Magazine475-24.2
Super Food Ideas923-3.5
Woolworths Good Taste579-13.1

Full listing of all magazines here, courtesy of AdNews.