Ingham is my partner’s hometown, in Far North Queensland, between Cairns and Townsville.  And one thing’s for sure, they love their food!  JK’s Delicatessen  is operated by Karen Venables who’s married to my partner’s cousin.  She’s done a spectacular job – it serves fantastic food, a great range of goods with helpful, friendly staff.

JK's mince buns

The JK’s mince buns are famous, lovely cooked beef mince with a light, tasty sauce and cheese on a fresh, soft bun.. what more could you ask for?  Each mouthful was contrast of soft fluffy bun with flavoursome mince and sauce.

JK's gourmet pizza

JK’s gourmet pizzas were wonderful, nice crust, lovely balance of veg and meat.  I particularly liked the addition of fresh avocado, which lifted the whole experience.

JK's platter

When Karen brought out a special platter for us to try, my eyes went straight for the Vietnamese fresh rolls… OMG Vietnamese food in Ingham.  And yes, it tasted authentic, fresh and delicious!  The sushi wasn’t bad either.  All the cold meat were delightful: the salami was delicious, I particularly liked the smoky prosciutto.  But it was the amazing range of cheeses all made in Queensland that were my favourite, from soft through to strong.

The noodlies clan dined courtesy of JK’s Delicatessen and it’s owner Karen Venables.

JK’s Delicatessen
78 Lannercost St
Ingham, QLD
(07) 4776 2828