Hello Happy is sooo the modern Asian bakery/cafe chain. The logo is cheery in that Asian cartoon way and looks like it was designed by a very earnest, hip design student – orange and yellow abounds ala Bread Top, 85 Degrees et al.  Here, you get everything from Asian bread to cakes, macaroons and dainty individual bean cakes made to look like flowers and fruit.

hello happy dessert

These bean cakes look like they’d kill you from the colouring and sugar, but actually don’t taste too bad.. in that Asian dessert sort of way.  We bought some as gifts for our dinner party host and they were a real, unique hit.

hello happy

What ever your views are on heavily scented cakes with Asian influence, everyone admits they look pretty and come in moderate sizes, which means you don’t have to throw half of it out the next day.


Just one word of warning… the macaroons on display look magnificent.  They’re a little smaller than most and are pretty reasonably priced, but all I could taste was sugar and cream(?) and not much else.  You’ve been warned!

Hello Happy
Shop 1, 338 Pitt St, Sydney