The Meeting Point is like many other modern Chinese restaurants in town that caters for Chinese students in Sydney.  So they have to have quick fast meals like noodle dishes, soups as well as coffee and a good selection of desserts.  And in a vaguely young and hip environment, usually in a convenient position.

Well it’s conveniently located especially for UTS students but a tad hard to find, being in one corner of Market City near the light rail station.  Watch the video and you get a good idea of where it is.

I’ve heard mixed reviews about The Meeting Point, so noodlies Sydney food blog decided to give them a go for a late Sunday lunch. Walter and I order a dish each and share a serving of the chicken spring roll, which is delicious.  We’re not in gourmet territory, but this dish is simple and honest; chicken chunks wrapped around a thick fried roll covered generously with chili sauce.  The cucumber in mango sauce is interesting, but I’m not a fan of sweet mango in savoury dishes.

My dish is a disappointing, it was pretty much “what you see is what you get” plain boiled noodles with relatively plain mince. While you could taste the Asian heritage, this dish sails dangerously into spag bol territory.

Walter’s beef noodle soup is much more successful, strong flavours, dark rich soup, beef that melts in the mouth.

For what it is, The Meeting Point does a good job, but like any place that offers a wide selection of dishes both savoury and sweet and drinks, it’s gonna be a bit hit and miss.

The Meeting Point
Shop R1.01B Hay Street, Market City
(02) 9280 3680

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