It’s not everyday that I get to dine in an intimate setting with the Lord Mayor of Sydney.  My work is a media partner of the City’s Chinese New Year Festival this year, so for the privilege, on a wet Wednesday night, 20 of us sat down for dinner with the Ms Moore in the Lord Mayor’s Reception Room at Town Hall.

Sitting one seat away from the Lord Mayor, separated by the City’s Artistic Director, I felt very spoilt. 

I wasn’t expecting a Heston’s Feast, although the surrounding was reminiscent. The entree was ambitious, tempura crusted zucchini flowers filled with crab and chilli which suited me just fine, though the flowers wasn’t as crispy as I was expecting.  You’ll have to excuse my iphone photos… couldn’t take along the bulky DSLR camera to see the Lord Mayor now could we?!

The east meets west main was a pleasant surprise for me, beef with lemongrass and chilli on Jasmine rice with dark soy dressing. The beef was remarkably tender and very, very tasty.  Very enjoyable, despite my aversion to beef steak and white rice.

Lord Mayor’s Dinner
Town Hall
George St, Sydney