Enter Chong Qing and you’re transported to China… or one vision of it, lacquered furniture, tables with glass tops, low ceiling.  This is hyper-China, Chinatown.

The kung pow (bao) chicken looked and tasted the part, glistening and full of flavour.  Though not as chili hot as I’d expect.

I liked the fried dumplings a lot. Well cooked outer that was crispy at the edges but generally doughy. The filling was pipping hot, rewarding you with squirts of hot juice.

The salt and pepper pork was very more-ish, again, a nice coat of oil and plenty of bold flavours.  I was disappointed it was a yum cha size (for more than yum cha price), I could have eaten double.

Chong Qing Chinese Restaurant
71 Dixon St, Sydney
(02) 9211 9590

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