noodlies Sydney food blog was invited to review a new range of EasyWay tea flavours ahead of it’s launch later this month, it’s an exciting noodlies exclusive scoop!

In the video above I review five new flavours that are very diverse from prune (yes prune) to strawberry and to Mulberry.  They range from green tea to shakes.  What I found was an exciting, diverse new range, who’d thought you could get (soon could get) such a diverse range of teas in Australia.

Do you think prunes would work in a tea? 

When it comes to refreshing, my fav is the mulberry green tea with grape jelly.  How can you go past the colour, it’s dark, different and dramatic.  I asked for half sugar which cuts sweetness but ups the refreshment.  This one quenches the thirst and doesn’t make you feel so guilty.

The strawberry milk tea with fruit jelly, you can see the brightly coloured rainbow jelly at the bottom of the cup above.  It’s not as sweet as it looks but it does get sweeter with the jelly.  Strawberry flavour is light but still noticeable.

If you want something more substantial, the papaya shake might just do the trick.  It’s obviously thicker than milk tea, but not as heavy as a traditional shake.  I can’t really taste the papaya but the shake does have a tropical feel.  This is a heavier drink, especially with the pearl/bubble.

If you want a lighter papaya drink, there’s a new papaya green tea with jelly drink I review in the video above.  It’s tropical and refreshing.

The most challenging drink in the new line up is the prune black tea with aloe vera.  You can taste the prune flavours which gives way to black tea and sweetened aloe vera.  It’s an acquired taste, possibly more  accessible to an Asian palate.

Watch the video above for my full review.

Flavours available mid this month at all EasyWay stores.

Do you think prune works in a tea? 
Would love to hear what you think of them, especially the prune and mulberry flavours.

This noodlies Sydney food blog exclusive pre-release preview was courtesy of EasyWay and their George St store. 

694-696 George St, Sydney
(Opposite World Square)
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