crazy wings

Crazy Wings is a snacking restaurant that serves mainly meat on a stick, actually on two sticks when it’s chicken.  It was perfect for a noodlies Sydney food blog quick fix.  As the name says, they specialise in chicken wings, original, honey sweet, chilli pepper or the hottest, the BT Monster.  But there’s also a good selection of offal, seafood and vegetables too.

It’s Sunday lunch time and we’re at the end of a six day heatwave, so I settle for the original.  The wings were lightly marinated with most of the flavours coming from the spiced powder that coats them – very, very moreish.

crazy wings lamb

The crazy lamb also lightly marinated, tender the powder a stronger, spicier flavour.

sydney food blog

Amazing how they attach these garlic chives (crazy leeks) to the skewers.  Perfectly grilled, nicely cooked but retaining juiciness… surprisingly tasty.


Tofu with century eggs exceeded my expectations, the tofu was silken smooth, ideal contrast and compliment the salted eggs and soy sauce.  I couldn’t stop eating.

Crazy Wings
Shop 41, 1 Dixon St, Sydney
(02) 9267 8862

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