I’m staying at Le Meridien Bangkok which is on Surawong Road just across from the Patpong markets.  Everyone around the street stalls be it food or clothing or souvenirs, foot and other massage places work so hard every day and I can see them very ready to wind down and celebrate new year’s eve.

From about 6pm the foot massage place people had started playing wonderful folk music and dancing on the street, albeit helped by a 1 litre bottle of 100 Pipers scotch, ice and soda water.

In fact the 100 Pipers or Johnny Walker bottles were in plentiful supply, some of the stall holders also started cooking food or grilling prawns early into the evening.

By 11pm most have started to pack up, this is a ridiculously early time to pack normally and, at midnight, Patpong erupted, the footage here is of Soi Twilight a small lane off Surawong Road.

Everybody was having a great time.