What’s so different about Sydney Beijing Restaurant when it’s in a strip of so many others, all with red signage with bold Chinese writing? Firstly it’s Beijing style while the flavour of the month seems to be Shanghai Chinese that is popping here and everywhere – noodlies Sydney food blog has seen quite a few!

For me the main difference is that they are all so nice from the waiters to the owner!  You wouldn’t go to a Chinese restaurant expecting to be served by sweet lovely people, but it was such a pleasant surprise.  Admittedly they had just finished rush hour (because there were a few tables still not cleared) so it was relatively quiet, but I’m sure I was greeted with sincere smile by the young waitress.  And the owner too, seemed to be genuinely smiley and happy with everyone, me included when I got up to pay.

The Beijing hand made noodle beef soup was hot (as per the waitress’ polite warning).  It was a relatively straight forward affair: beef – a lot of beef with tendons, noodles were thin a little too consistent to be handmade me thinks, but it was starchy (I like that) and hearty, bok choy and a lovely chilli hot sauce (as opposed to peppery spice you’d get with Xibei noodles).

I’ve fallen in love with this place – it’s not any more efficient or amazingly better standard food than some of the better Chinese restaurants, but the staff were just so sweet.  It’s reminded me that good service does make a world of difference

Sydney Beijing Restaurant
355 Liverpool Road, Ashfield
(02) 9716 5523

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