Recently got one of these beauties and it’s hard to describe how much I love it and how much difference it’s made to noodlies Sydney food blog.  I reckon every serious blogger should consider getting one, click on the clip below to find out why (well it’s all about video isn’t it?)….

Why do I reckon this one is better than full size video cameras or a plethora of copy cats?  They’ll never be flip-killers because the original is better in so many ways:

Compact: size of a mobile phone, it’s discreet, light, fits in my jeans pocket.  Best of all, there’s  no cables, no chargers, it’s all done through the USB that flips out at the top.  So all you ever need to carry is the unit.

Simple software: FlipShare is the easiest and most intuitive software to edit, combine and place opening or ending credits.  I didn’t even need to refer to the manual.  Sure, FlipShare can only handle basic editing, but that’s all I need.

Easy to share: Set it up and it’s five mouse clicks to upload your video to Youtube.  It’s really that simple. I haven’t tried it yet, but you can also use FlipShare to upload to Facebook or Twitter as well.

Visit noodlies food blog Youtube channel.