new shanghai dumpling

Inside it’s ye-olde kitsch Chinese while outside it’s the Chatswood Chase food court, go figure.  The dumplings are made in the now ubiquitous fishbowl kitchen; they come out fresh, tasty and fast (watch the video below and you’ll be amazed how quickly the dumplings are made).

The friendly waiter must have felt sorry for me because I was dining alone, because he made an effort to be especially helpful.  I went for his recommendation, shepherd’s purse pork wonton tossed with sesame butter, red chilli oil and spice – how could you refuse a dish with a name like that?

While the filling was the traditional pork with lots and lots of shallots the pastry was different, much more al dente, more glutinous.  As you’d expect the sauce was rich and spicy, no need for additional sauces or chilli.  If you feel like trying a different style of dumpling, this might just be it.

New Shanghai, Chatswood Chase
345 Victoria Ave, Chatswood
(02) 9412 3358

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