Today was the official grand opening of Mother’s Crepe, a Japanees chain that is spreading across Asia, North America and is now in Australia, although overseas (and even in Canada) it’s called Mazazu Crepe (I’m guessing Mazazu is Mother).

This franchise is on the lower level of World Square in Sydney just off Chinatown.  I was expecting a little eatery but it’s simply a stall in the shopping centre.

These crepes are a simple affair, crisp, thin crepes with filling.  They recommended the sausage crepe, which was chinese interpretation of western sausage with a sweet mustard and a leaf of lettuce wrapped in the crepe.  It was nice and light, good when freshly made.

Walter had the ham and cheese.

Mother’s Crepe
Lower Level
World Square Shopping Centre
cnr George and Goulburn St

This Noodlies Sydney food blog experience was courtesy of Mother’s Crepe.