By Noodlies Sydney food blog guest reviewer, KLui.

Shanghai cuisine is not as rich as other Northern Chinese cuisine, but they are so yummy. This is a great place to be on a Friday evening. This fun place has a modern touch to it – unusual for Shanghai cuisine, plus it’s full of TV screens for Karaoke lovers as well.

Vegetarian dumplings

A unique way to wrap their dumplings – open top with split fillings. The split in the middle makes the whole dumpling different from the others. The pastry in the middle helps the filling to spread evenly.

Pan fried pork buns

This is the best pan fried pork buns I’ve ever had. The bread is so soft yet the bottom is fried so it’s crispy. The best of all is the clear soup that filled up the buns – they squirt out on every bite.

Stir fried rice cake with preserved vegetables and shredded pork

The snowy white rice cake is nice and chewy with my personal favourite – preserved vegetables. It’ll also go well with mushroom if pork is not your thing…

Steam chicken with special sauce

While the chicken might be plain, the sauce is the secret gem for this dish.

Bund Restaurant & Karaoke
27 Goulburn St, Haymarket
(02) 9211 1181

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